Since its creation in 1979, Normesa has dedicated itself exclusively to fusing, extruding and transforming tin and its alloys, as well as marketing other non-ferrous metals such as lead, antimony and bismuth.

Our main production lines are solders for the fields of health care, heating and gas installations at low pressure, offering welding wire made of tin-silver, tin-copper and tin-lead, as well as paint strippers and deoxidisers.

We also manufacture fine tin or tin-lead anodes for the electrolysis and tinning industry, as well as Babbitt metals, lead sheets, pewter for the artistic and jewellery industry and, in general, any lead- or tin-based alloy.

Committed to the environment: we have a modern installation for the purification of smoke, to comply with European regulations on environmental emissions.

With wide experience and the closeness of a family business, customer satisfaction is our first objective.