Our commitment to quality in managing our activities, commitment to product quality, customer service and compliance with the legislation applicable to all our activities is a constant in the operation of the organisation. Therefore, the management has set the following commitments:

  1. To implement the measures necessary to prevent and/or eliminate all factors which impact negatively on the quality of the products and services developed by NORMESA, or that involve business risks, both for staff of the company, as well as other collaborating companies or stakeholders that come into contact with the activities provided by our organisation.
  2. To ensure compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable to our activity and, specifically, those relating to our products, as well as any other requirement, which, without being mandatory, is taken on as a commitment by NORMESA.
  3. To promote the participation and involvement of all of the companies’ workers in the operation of the management system and the development and implementation of this policy, as well as to provide properly qualified staff to carry out its activities with the highest levels of quality possible.
  4. To promote compliance with all of the provisions set by the company in the field of quality among our suppliers, service providers and users.
  5. To include all of our activities in the philosophy of continuous improvement, principally those activities which directly or indirectly have an impact on the quality of our service or the satisfaction of our customers.
  6. To disseminate this policy to all of the staff working for or on behalf of this organisation, as well as to all those stakeholders deemed appropriate, and to ensure its correct implementation at all levels of the organisation.

In order to achieve these commitments, the management will set and document real and measurable objectives on an annual basis.

Lastly, this quality policy is reviewed on an annual basis by management to ensure that its content is fully in force, is in accordance with the values of the organisation and is consistent with the business strategy of NORMESA and with the expectations of our customers.